DSI Control M51605-02 or 7499

Replaced with an update kit M51605-02KT

New kit consists of an Ignition board and wire harness


Original Control Info

DSI Control M51605-02 or 7499

This part # M51605-02 is for LP heaters made by Desa.

This control is used on many LP heaters. This  is a gaslighter with the following on it:

Mark 10-117-3-8.5-8.5-Q012

  • Does not do flame monitoring thru the ignition lead
  • Ignition lead is only a 1/8" males spade connection
  • Flame monitoring is accomplished thru a 1/4" male spade located in front of the board itself and it is marked SENS, this attaches to the flame sensor
DSI Control M51605-02 or 7499
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