Rotor Kit 1/2" thick PP204 or KFA1000 or 70-022-0100 or 572225

PP204 1/2" thick rotor Kit (includes insert and vanes) is used on all oil fired heaters (except the 215k) heaters made by Pinnacle, Desa, GHP, LB White and more. Sometimes called an Air pump

The diameter is 2 1/8"

Originally the part number was M22456-1, now it is a kit which includes the vanes and insert.

DESA:  Dayton, Knipco, Koehring, Master, Reddy, Remington, Sears, TSC: (PP204,HA3004, M22456-1)

PINNACLE:  ProTemp, Master, Remington, Heat-Stream, WorkHorse, Heat Hog & SunStream: 70-022-0100, 700220100, 71-022-1300, 710221300 

GHP: RMC, Dyna-Glo, Thermoheat, Dyna Glo Pro, Dyna Glo Delux: (SP-KFA1000, SPKFA1000, KFA1000)

Mi-T-M part# 68-3043

LB White part# 572225


It is highly recommended that you change the filters when you replace the rotor.  We suggest you purchase one of the following filter kits PP213. PP214 or PP215 These fit the heaters made by DESA. Brands include Reddy, Master, Remington, Knipco, Koehring, Dayton and more.

The filter kit for the Dyna Glo and Thermoheat heaters is part # Sp-KFA1005



If this rotor is incorrect (either to thick or to thin), please return along with $5 (for shipping) and a note explaining which rotor you need.


Rotor Instructions: 


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This 1/2" thick rotor kit (w/insert) is used on many oil fired heaters, including Reddy, Remington, Master, Heat Hog, Pro Temp and more.
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