Fuel cap 28732 or 2151-0003-00 or 2151-0041-00 or 70-006-0120

This fuel cap is used on nearly all oil fired heaters imported by Pinnacle, Mr Heater, GHP,

RMC, Dura Heat and CFM. The gasket is included but if you need a replacement, it is part

number 26910.


It is approximately 1 1/2" across the bottom of the cap where it connects to the fuel tank

Pinnacle part# 70-006-0100 or 70-006-0120

Mr Heater, Heatstar, Enerco, Dewalt part# 28732 or 8732

GHP, RMC, CFM part# 2151-0003-00 or 2151-0041-00 or 21-1151

Brands include Pro Temp, HeatHog, Dayton, WorkHorse, Dyna-Heat, Dyna-Glo,Dyna-Pro,

Dyna Glo Pro and Thermoheat

Models: KFA45DGP-01, KFA50DGD, KFA75DGD, KFA75TDGP-01, KFA125TDGP-

01, KFA125DGD, KFA170DGD, KFA210DGD, KFA75L, KFA125L and many more!!!



Brands include; Master, Remington, Pro Temp, Stanley and Heatstream




Breakdowns for:



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This fuel cap is used on all oil fired heaters made by Pinnacle. Brands include Pro Temp, HeatHog, Dayton, WorkHorse, Dyna-Heat, Dyna-Glo, and Dyna-Pro.
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