Filter Kit PP215 for older 150K btu Reddy Master Knipco

PP215 Filter kit that is primarily used for 150k btu oil fired

heaters made before 1992. 

This kit includes the following:  M12179, M12244-1,

M11637, and M19630.

DESA:  Dayton, Knipco, Koehring, Master, Reddy, Remington, Sears,

and TSC: (PP215, HA3018)

PINNACLE:  ProTemp, Master, Remington, Heat-Stream, WorkHorse,

Heat Hog & SunStream: (71-054-0350, 710540350)

Filter Instructions: 

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This filter kit is primarily for 150k btu oil fired heaters made before 1992. Includes M12179, M12244-1, M11637 and M19630
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