Filter Fuel 098102-01 350-600K htrs by DESA

Part# 098102-01 is a Fuel filter that has been used on all high-pressure heaters (350k and 600k BTU) made by Desa since 2000.  It can still be used on any high-pressure heater up to 650k BTU.

DESA: Reddy, Desa, Koehring, Knipco, & Dayton (098102-01, 40020, M50398)

PINNACLE: ProTemp, Master, Remington, Heat-Stream, WorkHorse, Heat Hog, & SunStream (71-020-1040, 710201040)


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This fuel filter has been used on all the high pressure heaters (350k and 600k btu) made by Desa for at least the last 10 years. This filter can be used on any high pressure heater up to 650k btu.
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