Fan 2304936 8" diameter 150K btu LP and NG NO LONGER AVAIALABLE



The 2304936 fan is used on all of the 150K btu LP and Nat Gas heaters made by GHP

Brands include Dyna Glo, Thermoheat, Workhorse and more

Dyna Glo Delux: FA100DGD, FA125DGD, LPFA125DGD, FA150DGD

Dyna Glo Pro: FA100DGP, FA100DGP-01, FA125DGP, FA125DGP-01,

LPFA125H, LPFA125H-01, FA150DGP, FA150DGP-01

It is 8" in diameter



Fan 2304936 8" diameter 150K btu LP heater
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