Motor 102001-30 Desa 115-170k btu 102001-33, 106209-01, 103493

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The 102001-30 motor was used in most 115-170K btu heaters made by DESA


You can use part # 2201390 as a replacement capacitor. It does not look the same, but it will work.



Desa used this 120 volt motor on nearly all 115k – 170k btu

oil fired heaters made since 2000.


Models include - 110B, 110BT, 110C, 110CT, ANY 115K BTU, ANY 125K BTU, RH140VT, ANY 155K BTU, ANY 165K BTU, ANY 170K BTU

102001-30 is the same as 106209-01, 106800-01, 102001-21 &

102001-33, 103493-01

Brands included: Master, Reddy, Remington, Knipco,

Koehring, and many  more.



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WEIGHT:  7 lbs

Desa used this motor on nearly all 115k - 170k btu oil fired heaters made in the last 10 years. It is the same as 102001-33 and 106209-01 or 106800-01
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