Regulator 099415-18 Unvented LP gas heaters

Used on various unvented LP gas heaters made by Desa and FMI

Was used on Gasmaster brands. Models GMP16, GMP16T, GMP26, GMP26T, GMP20BT, GMP30BT 

Was used on Vanguard brands. Models VP16, VP16T, VP26, VP26T

Brandnames include: Vanguard, Comfort Flame, Glo-Warm, Vantage and others

Comfort Flame models: GWP20TC, GWP30TC, GWRP6A, GWRP10TA, GWRP10A, GWRP16TC, GWRP16C, GWRP26TC, GWRP26C

Vantage models: VSHP20T, VSHP30T, VSHP10T, VSHP10M, VSHP16M, VSHP16T, VSHP26M, VSHP26T, VSHP6M, VSHP10M

1/2 lb (14") input pressure, 8" output pressure


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Used on various unvented LP gas wall heaters.
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