ODS Pilot 099059-03 LP Gas for unvented gas wall htrs L98071-04

For Many Desa, Comfort Glow & Vangaurd Propane Vent Free Heaters. 

Same as L98071-04

ODS Pilot Assemblies are not convertible from one type of gas to another!

ODS is considered the circuit breaker for gas heaters.

If you want the thermocouple only, it is part# 098514-01

3 Components to ODS: 1. Oxygen sensing pilot burner. 2. Igniter electrode and 3. Thermocouple

When oxygen levels are low and it is detected the pilot flame will go out, which causes the thermocouple to cool and the loss of minivolts and then the gas valve will close, which doesn’t allow the unit to operate until oxygen has  been restored. If any alterations are attempted the orifice will fall apart.

If you are not sure if this is the correct ODS assembly please consult your owner’s manual or let us know what your model number is and we will look it up.



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The 099059-03 ODS Pilot Assembly is the replacement oxygen depletion sensor pilot assembly
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