Filter Input M12179 Rectangular Sponge Filter DESA htrs

There are three air filters in nearly all oil fired heaters.

This one is the least important, the

M12244-1 is more important to the operation of

the heater than the M12179.

It would be best to purchase the air filter kit,

part# PP214 or PP215 (older 150's)


The M12179 is a rectangular shaped "sponge" filter used on many oil fired heaters made by

Desa and other forced air manufacturers that use the M16545 rectangular plastic filter cover.

Desa:  Reddy, Desa, Koehring, Master, Knipco, Remington,

Deere & Dayton:(M12179, M3275, M104, M-104)


Mr.Heater/Enerco:  20234, ENE20234

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This is the large rectangular shaped filter used on all oil fired heaters made by Desa that use the rectangular plastic filter cover.Brands include Reddy, Remington, Master, Knipco, Koehring and more.
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