Fuse VAL 6 KSL-B-17A

DS-B-18 (pre-2005 Daystar)
EPX-2-41 (EPX)
NA-B-17 (Hotgun 125NA)

This is a 3A, 250 volt fuse that fits most of our heaters. It comes with different part numbers, but really, it's the same thing. So, don't worry about that. It fits all EPX, KBE5L (including 2-step KBE5L), KBE5S and Hotgun heaters, as well as older Daystar models, with serial numbers beginning with 01O-01Z. So, that's 01O, 01P, 01Q, etc.

Basically, if you bought your Daystar before 2005, you'll need this fuse, but check your serial number just to make sure.



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Fuse  VAL 6 KSL-B-17A
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