Motor 1/4 hp 28738 125-210k btu htrs 26975 or 6841 or 21818

28738  This 1/4 hp - 3450 rpm - 2.3 amp - 5 wire motor is used on 125-210k btu Mr Heater, 

Heatstar and Enerco heaters.

Also part# 6841 and 26975


Before you buy a new motor, make sure your motor is bad.

Many people buy new motors because the fan wont turn. The fan may not turn due to a

broken air pump rotor.  Make sure this isn't your problem before buying a new motor.

This motor is 120 Volt.

The fan shaft is 2" long. The body of the motor is 4 3/4" long

The back plate is 4" in diameter


MH50KR – MH75KTR –  MH125KTR –  MH175KTR –  MH210KTR


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This 1/4 hp - 3450 rpm - 4 amp - 4 wire motor is used on 125-210k btu Mr Heater and Enerco heaters.
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