Regulator TYQ-14A Dyna Glo Dura Heat Pinnacle Tank Top htr

 As far as we can determine, the TYQ-14A regulator was used on nearly all Tank Top heaters!!!! Also part# 20-032-0002 and GR121

This is the only regulator that is available for Dyna Glo, Dura

Heat and Pinnacle tank top heaters!!!

There is a chance that the opening on this regulator may be different than your old regulator.

If your hose doesn't fit this regulator, all you need to do is take the regulator and hose to a

hardware store and get a brass fitting that will connect them. Easy peasy

Brands include Dyna Glo, Thermoheat, Dura Heat, Pro Temp, Master, Remington, 



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In Dec 2014, the factory made a change to the regulator. This new updated regulator has a 1/2" opening and a white dot on the knob. This would be similar to the valve used on the original heaters.
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