Spark Module 2201391 Dyna Glo Pro LP Htr

This is a spark module for nearly all LP heaters made by GHP. Brands include Dyna Glo and Thermoheat

The black spark plug wire is nearly 15" long

The black & white electrical wires a little over 6" long

Dyna Glo Delux: FA50DGD, FA60DGD, FA100DGD, FA125DGD, LPFA125DGD, FA150DGD

Dyna Glo Pro: FA50DGP/-01, FA60DGP/-01, FA100DGP/-01, FA125DGP/-01, LPFA125H/-01, FA150DGP/-01



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This is a spark module for a 2009 RMC-FA100DGP LP Heater
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