Roller Bearing 075676

This sprocket roller bearing was used mostly on Remington

Chainsaw/Polesaws, this part is used in the sprocket kit (#122511-01)

and Sprocket Gear Kit (122513-01).  Listed below are the model

numbers that this part was mostly used on.


Partial list of models and series of chainsaws and pole saws:

LNT-2 Series Remington Electrics Chainsaws

Models: 075081, 075475, 076728J, 076728K, 099527H,

099178H, 100089-06

EL-1 Series Remington Electrics Chainsaws

Models: 075762, 076702, 079910-01

EL-7 Series Remington Electrics Chainsaws 

Models:075762J, 075762K,076702J, 100015,098031H,

099039H, 098031J, 099039J, 100089-01, 100089-04,

100089-05, 099370

Rps96 Series Remington Electrics Polesaw Chainsaws

Models: 10431601, 104316-01, 104317


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Roller Bearing for electric chainsaws
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