Cap & Bulb 107512-01 Remington Electric Chainsaws

107512-01 Oil Cap with Bulb. Also part# 631-04381

It is 7/8" inside diameter. Replaces Part# 079084-01

Outside diameter is 1"

Very popular on Remington Electric Chainsaw and Polesaw. 

This cap was used on the EL1, EL7, and RPS96 series. 

If your cap is 11/16" in diameter, it is no longer available



LNT-2: 076728K, 099178H, 100089-06, 100089-08

EL-7: 075762J, 098031J, 099039J, 100089-04,-05,-07

POLE SAW: 104316-04 (8”), 106890-01 (10”)

POLE SAW ASSY: 104317 (8”). 106821 (10”)

(Sold individually)


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Replaces part # 079084-02 and 107512-01. Sold individually
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