Thermocouple 1130/1496-8mm 200K BTU LP HTR Dyna Glo Thermoheat

There are two different 1130/1496 thermocouples.

One has a 10 mm nut, the other is 8mm.

This one is the 8mm. The other is part number 1130/1496-210


This 1130/1496-210 thermocouple was used on all Dyna Glo and Thermoheat LPC200 convection heaters since 2008

When you let go of the button on the gas valve and the heater won't ignite, three parts may

cause this problem. The thermocouple, the valve itself and a heat limit switch if your heater has

one. Of these three parts, about 80% of the time its a bad thermocouple causing the problem.

Both Wires are approx 6" in length.

There are two different 1130/1496 thermocouples.
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