Rotor Blades 3/4" M8643-3

Set of four 3/4" blades used with rotor M22456-3 (not included).


Brands include- Knipco, Reddy, Master, Koehring, Amoco, CO-OP, Queen B, Dart

Models include - 

Knipco - F110, FV125V, FV125S, F140, F140D, F150, F150D, F150E, F150S

Reddy - Mark120D, Mark140D, Mark150D, M150D, M150S, R150, MS80

Master - B120, BV125, BV125S, B140, B140D, B150A, B150D, B150KD

Koehring - KV125

Amoco - AM130, AM150, AM150S

CO-OP - C140, C150, C150S

Queen B - BB150, BB150D

Dart - DB150D


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These 3/4" blades are used with rotor # M22456-3. They are sold in pkg of 4.
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