Fuel Gauge with yellow needle 113280-02

This part #113280-02 is aYellow needle gauge, stem length is 6” from underneath cap to the end of the stem. For heaters made by Desa.

Fits 110-115k BTU heaters with a plastic neck on the fuel tank.

Comes with fuel gauge gasket #113137-01

DESA: Reddy, Desa, Koehring, Knipc, & Dayton

PINNACLE: ProTemp, Master, Remington, Heat-Stream, WorkHorse, Heat Hog, & SunStream (71-006-1000, 710061000)


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This gauge fits 110-115K btu heaters with a plastic neck on the fuel tank. The needle is yellow. The stem length is 6" from underneath cap to end of stem.
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