Welcome to SpaceHeaterParts.com. I have spent over 30 years in the portable heater business, specializing in torpedo heater parts.  Nearly all of the parts listed are original parts from the vendors that supply or supplied the actual heater manufacturers.

We do not sell parts for furnaces or electric heaters.

We are located in Valparaiso, Indiana. About an hour from Chicago. 


Ours is a family run business. I have been in this business since 1979. My wife pulls orders, packages parts, does a little bookkeeping and makes great spring rolls. My sister pulls orders, packs parts and updates the website.

When you call, I am the only one that answers the phone. Leave a message and I'll get back to you asap.

We ship all orders within 24 hours. We try to ship same day if orders are place before noon.

Thanks in advance for considering us for your parts purchases.

Steve Coates


Business Hours:  (We do not sell parts for furnaces or electric heaters)


CALL 219-242-8778 


April thru Sept hours are 9am to 3pm  CLOSED FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY, however orders will still be shipped on those days.

As we are not busy in the summer, I'm in and out alot. Leave a message or send an email. I check email all the time, even at night.

 After hours it's best to send an email.



RETURNS: You may return any unused part for credit. You will receive a credit less shipping fees.

Please include the original invoice.

If your order is returned by USPS due to an address issue, we will not refund the shipping fee.



 We ship all orders within 24 hours. Most orders ship same day! 

Orders placed by 10am on Saturday, will ship on Saturday (thru U.S. Mail) 

Standard shipping orders are shipped through USPS Priority Mail which usually takes 2-5 days to arrive. First class mail will take 3-14 days to arrive. You should be aware that, at times, USPS takes much longer than these estimates.

If you do not have a mailbox, choose UPS. If the package is returned due to no mail receptacle, we will not refund the shipping fee.

If you want the package to definitely arrive within 1 to 5 days, choose UPS.                                             It is more expensive, but is much more reliable.

If your tracking number begins with 9405 it was sent thru Priority Mail. 

If it begins with 9400 it was sent thru first class mail.

To track you order, go to USPS.COM

If it begins with 1Z6083 it was sent thru UPS. To track, go to UPS.COM

If your order is returned due to an address issue, we will not refund the shipping fee.


SHIPPING FEES: Fees apply to orders shipped in continental U.S.

FREE SHIPPING ON DEC 25. Use XMAS as Coupon code and then press the apply coupon button.

SAVE MONEY!!! Enter the order yourself and there is a 10% coupon code (see below) plus the shipping fee is lower! On orders under $130 we charge $15 if we enter the order for you.


  Orders under $6 only have a $5 mailing fee (U.S. only)

  •     Orders .01 - $6.00 have a $5 shipping fee (first class mail)
  •     Orders $6.01 - $10.00 have a $7.50 shipping fee (Priority Mail)
  •     Orders from $10 to $130 have an $9.00 shipping fee (Priority Mail...UPS to business addresses)
  •     Canadian Shipping Fees are $30.00 (We use the U.S. Postal Service). Small orders will ship thru USPS priority mail which should arrive within a week. Larger orders will ship thru first class mail which may take up to two weeks. You need to choose international shipping.                                    IF YOU CHOOSE UPS GROUND-CONTINENTAL U.S. ONLY- we will ship thru first class mail.
  • International orders will ship thru First Class Mail unless you choose International Shipping. First class mail may take up to 6 weeks to arrive. If you choose international shipping, we will ship thru priority mail or UPS and the package should arrive within 10 days. To track, go to USPS.COM or UPS.com


DISCOUNTS:  They are available to ARA Members or on larger orders.

Call for details at 219-242-8778 or FAX your order to 219-850-4153 (FAX)

or you can email the order to us at SpaceHeaterParts@gmail.com

 Free Freight Fridays- Free shipping on PARTS orders over $30 if the order is placed on Friday. If you place the order on any other day and claim the coupon. the order will be cancelled. These orders will be shipped thru U.S. mail. This offer only applies to U.S. Customers. Use coupon code FFF. Dont forget to press the apply coupon button. The coupon code shows up on the page that asks for credit card info. Sorry, only one special may be used on each order

10% SPECIAL Coupon Code  Place your order online and you can receive a 10% discount!  You must enter the word ten in the coupon code and press the apply coupon button to receive that 10% discount on your entire order. You must choose the credit card option to get to this page...you can still use Paypal at that time.

Sorry, only one special may be used on each order

(Enter the coupon code on the page that asks for your credit card information).


PAYMENT At the checkout page you will get a choice of Paypal or credit card.

Please check back frequently as we will add new parts as soon as we get them. Let us know if you are looking for any specific parts. We may be able to help.

Sad to say, but we may need to raise a price from time to time if we get an increase from a vendor.

The good news is, as we grow, we will be able to place larger orders and when possible, we will lower prices.

Thank you for visiting.

Steve Coates


email us at     SpaceHeaterParts@gmail.com


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