Motor 097308-05 70k btu heater also 097130-02

Motor used primarily on older 70k btu heaters (Desa brand).

Models include: B70B  B70BT  R70  R70A  R70B  R70AT  R70BT  R70CT

DESA:  Dayton, Knipco, Koehring, Master, Reddy, Remington, Sears, and TSC: (097308-05, 09730805, 079487-02, 078894-02, 097130-01, 097130-02, 097308-01, 097308-02, M50882-01, 078894-02, 079487-01, 07948701, 09730805, 079487-02)

Alternative #’s: 7160-042m, 7160-0608)

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This motor is used on older 70k btu heaters made by Desa. Brands include Reddy, Remington, Master and more.
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